God Became Flesh
Newest study guide, this guide I’ve been working on for over a year has changed my life. It helped put the missing pieces of the puzzle together, mentally, physically and emotionally.   Also what I’m going teach you helped me lose over 100lbs and walk in supernatural power, most importantly, it made God’s voice simple to identify. I know it will be a blessing to you. For a donation of $20 or more I will send you a PDF copy. If you would like to buy more copies for a friend message me there emails . Please honor the the Holy Spirit of God and pay for each copy, and not buy one and send to other people, this helps us take the Gospel to the world. I trust you will honor my request. After you donate send me a personal message so I can make sure to email it to you in next 3-5 days ...
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PAULY B MINISTRIES is pleased to offer an amazing opportunity to be invited to host the SONSHIP LIFESTYLE 3 Day Workshop – and or speaking engagements of any kind.
PaulyB is seasoned and can teach on any topic you need.  "PAULYB MINISTRIES is like no other; there are no VIP rooms and no backstage exit door. This Workshop and or serves PaulyB does is created to be intentional, approachable an personable with teaching, training, and equipping believers as Jesus Christ did on earth, on a personal and relational level."

Spirit Week - Round Table Time

Sonship Lifesyle Mission Trip 

Inner-Circle Family!!!
The Units are classes for the inner-circle family to grow through we will be adding teachings continually. This is an online school.   Everyone who finishes the 50 hours of training will get a one year graduation certificate. If you desire ordination you can ask PaulyB about that. We are currently working on our second- Third and 4th curriculum over...next couple years now. This is the way PaulyB can train those who sow monthly into Our ministry. Also you can ask PaulyB about personal one on one coaching as well. take your time
"Think & Grow Christ Minded
How you think will determine the life that you live and the peace that you have!! Hundreds of people all around the world are learning to think with the Mind of Christ!! Now it's your turn.. Pick up your copy today!
Teachings Include:
 Understanding Salvation From Jesus Perspective
 Unlocking Kingdom Realities
 Discovering Your Imagination In Christ
 Overcoming Satan And His Deceptive Tricks
 Understanding Yourself In Jesus
 Manifestations Anything Like Jesus
 Unfolding The Realities Of I AM In YOU
 How To Live From Jesus Not Towards him
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