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Come To My Home And Train Hands On With Me!
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Teachings Include:
  • ​Unlocking Kingdom Realities 
  • ​Discovering Your Imagination In Christ
  • ​Overcoming Satan And His Deceptive Tricks
  • ​Understanding Yourself In Jesus
  • ​Manifest healing Just Like Jesus
  • ​Learn How to Hear God's Voice and Prophecy
  • ​How To Live From Jesus Not Towards him
  • ​Hands-on Prophetic and Healing A.K.A Street Ministry
The Sonship Lifestyle University - Spirit Week, being held in PaulyB’s home with his family, is one of most unique experiences you will ever attend. You’ll be staying 5 days (Wednesday arrive - Sunday leave) with PaulyB, his family and the other glory friends joining us that week.

You will be trained from a hands-on community approach in which we’ll be activating Holy Spirt in you, from the finished works perspective of what Jesus has already done, so that you can walk it out in your daily life; relationships, careers and hobbies.
Spirit Week is a course on walking out the fullness of who Christ is in you.

PaulyB has trained 1,000’s of people from all over the world to walk out the supernatural realities of a life in union with Jesus.
We’ll start when you arrive Wednesday, gathering together to get to know you and those with us. Then you can expect 2 training sessions (about 1-2 hours each) a day on, Thursday and Friday, right in our living room where you’ll be challenged in your understanding - learning to live from Jesus and not towards Him. What you will learn here through the teaching and in scripture will unlock the revelation of Christ in you, for you, and through you.

Then on Saturday we will have a full day of exploring, applying and experiencing real-time activation in the marketplace. You will be applying what you have learned hands on while also sightseeing. We’ll be walking in prophetic, praying for the sick and if Holy Spirit gives opportunity even miracles in the streets.

We are confident that you’ll walk away secure, with a peace of mind, and living out of the overflow of the Spirit of God in you!
Through this training you will be established in a firm foundation of new covenant realities in Christ Jesus. The eyes of your understanding, mind, and imagination will be revitalized and renewed! You will have had first-hand experience walking out a lifestyle of Jesus everywhere you go. You will have the opportunity to witnessing the amazing power of the Holy Spirit unfold before your very eyes!

Our staff at Sonship Lifestyle University provides everything for you! You just come and learn and grow. This is the jump-start and commissioning you have been looking for!

Sonship Lifestyle University is located in THE DALLES, OR. As a participant you will have the pleasure of living together with up to 10 other people from all over the world.

One of our goals is to foster this group in a way that by the end of Spirit Week, we will all become lifelong friends!

*If you have any particular needs we will certainly do all we can to accommodate you.

*Please consider that this event is geared towards teaching and equipping, if you are struggling with health or mental issues we will pray with you but to honor the other participants we may not have opportunity to council individuals in a way which could take away from others time during Spirit Week.

*We are equipped to facilitate men and women.

Teachings and Activations Include:
    • Hands on Evangelism
    • Soaking in the Presence
    • Discovering Your Imagination In Christ
    • Flowing in the Spirit, Prophecy
    • Manifesting Heaven on Earth Realities
    • The Sacraments - Communion and Baptism
    • Worship Sessions
    • Christian Community Living
    • The Nicene Creed
    • Q&A Sessions

More Information

Accommodation & Food.
You are invited to stay at the Brown’s home. Men will bunk together and women will bunk together in separate rooms. We will provide bedding, basic toiletries and towels (Bring any specific toiletries you may need). Breakfast will be fruit and cereal, lunch and dinner will be cooked and provided daily; we function as a family come and make yourself at home.
If you have any special eating needs outside of what’s provided you will be responsible for the cost. Bring some extra spending money if you’d like to buy anything while we are out of the house.

*You can opt to stay at any of the local lodging in our area for around $100 a day, which you’d pay. You will also have to find your way to our home from your lodging each day.

We can make arrangements to pick you from the airport and take you back to the airport if needed (more details and timings of the airport pick ups and drop offs are below). If you are driving to our home we will provide you with all the information you will need, just let us know.
*We will provide all the transportation during our activation times.

Are you ready to register?
Once you’ve committed to attending our Spirit Week by filling out the information below, please send us an email with proof of plane ticket, rental car or another form of commitment to hold the spot.
Because we are offering this week free of charge for those who are staying at our home, we ask for some verification of commitment.
*Limited to 6-8 people at our home.

Arrival Day
If you are flying please arrive at the Portland Oregon Airport (PDX) by 5:00 p.m. PST on Wednesday (if you you arrive after 5:00 p.m. PST, you will have to secure your own transportation to the Spirit Week location in THE DALLES, OREGON).
We will inform you of the exact pick up time once we have everyone’s arrival times. We will give you a contact number of the driver collecting you on the arrival day.

Departure Day
Departure flights should be scheduled to leave Portland, Oregon (PDX) no earlier than 12:00 p.m. PST on the following Sunday. We will drive you to the airport for your flight.
*We will ensure that you are there at least 2 hours before your flight departs.

Once You Have Registered.
This is a free event for those who are staying at our home for Spirit Week. We will be taking up a love offering and will happily receive any amount you’d bless our ministry and family with at the end of the week.

After you’ve registered and booked your flight or transportation, please make sure you email us all your Travel Forms at sonship this will give us all your travel information so that we can secure your spot and help guide you to our home. Your Spot isn’t secure unless we have this info.

Please make sure your flight times align with the above instructions! We will contact you at least 1 week before your class to provide you with the contact details of the driver who will be picking you up from the airport and transporting you to the our home.
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